Fun chores? Say what? What’s a fun chore?

January 31 2020

None of us like having to do any chores at home. Particularly our kids, the most menial tasks are often left to mum or dad. If you have teenagers, ‘May the force be with you!'

As we all know, healthy habits start at a young age, there are all sorts of ways to make boring chores a little bit fun and more interesting.  

Let’s look at the basics of what we all have to do every morning.

 Every day tasks:

  • Wake up / get up 
  • Get dressed 
  • Make your bed
  • Eat your breakfast
  • Clean your teeth
  • Pack your bag for the day

Mums and dads, primary school kids, high school teenagers, even college and uni students, we all have to do the same thing each morning really. To perform these 6 tasks shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes. Maybe give the teenagers a little longer if they have to prepare their own breakfast, but 35 minutes tops should do it.

For the younger kids try setting a universal stopwatch that your kids are in charge of, that you monitor, so that each day your kids work to a time limit to perform each task, with a reward system. The rewards could include something simple in their lunch box like some extra sultanas, a special piece of fruit you know they love, or an extra special sandwich. Just remember to make getting ready for each day fun and interesting for them, and they’ll enjoy it more and more. 

If you have teenagers, use the same system, they’ll think you are losing your marbles, but do it anyway, try to keep them on track. Setting good habits are important, but instead of a daily challenge, set the challenge to be on time over a week or an entire month. Sure it’s corny but having family fun together is really important no matter what age they are. However, the rewards may need more substance and may need to be of a slightly higher calibre. Offer a special dinner or series of dinners for great behaviour and achieving the daily challenge of being on time. And again, if you have teenagers ‘May the force be with you!’

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