We've updated our label

1 June 2021

We are proud to be an Aussie family-owned product, so we've slapped it on our label

That's right, we've made a few adjustments to our label. Not only are we proud to be Aussie made and Aussie owned, but we are also family-owned.

We've also included a 'Food Safe' icon to our labelling to let our customers know that Vanilla Fresh is a food-safe cleaning product, posing no threat to being applied on food preparation surfaces around your kitchen or fridge.

We're still the same product! 

That's why Australians choose McLintocks Vanilla Fresh as their go-to kitchen and surface spray.

cleaning 45 minute quick fridge clean

1. Get ready for your clean

Grab a pair of rubber gloves, a fresh clean sponge, fill the kitchen sink with some warm water and just add a drop of detergent. 

2. Remove the contents of your refrigerator

Wipe each bottle or container that you are planning on putting back into your fridge. Check your dates and throw away anything that is past its used by date.

3. Remove the hardware

Take your shelves out and wipe both sides with Vanilla Fresh. 

4. Wipe inside and out

Wipe the inside of your fridge thoroughly with Vanilla Fresh. Then the outside. Taking care to wipe handles and dispensers.