Happy Summer Vibes

Summer Clean 2021

Just like that, the holidays are done! Let's get 2021 going with a bit of a post-holiday cleaning.
Look-out 2021!

14 January 2021

It's time for a fridge clean...

We are sure you ate, drank and were definitely making the most of your 'Christmas Merry' with friends and family during the festive season. Your fridge was likely stocked full of leftovers that you may have just finished recently or vowed to never eat again because you've just started your, 'I'm only eating healthy new year's resolution!

That ham lasts a while huh? Mmmmmm ham! Sorry, 'Homer Simpson' moment. With that in mind, your fridge has probably had a really good workout. Now is a great time to give your fridge a good clean out for 2021. Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home, housing your food, drinks and condiments. It’s vital to keep your refrigerator clean inside and out. Left unclean your refrigerator can be a source of harmful germs and bacteria, and it's just totally gross if your fridge isn't clean.

Most of us consume more food and drinks during the holiday/summer period; entertaining, bbq’s, lunches, dinners, snacks and lots of beverages! Your fridge gets the workout of it's life during summer. It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to give your fridge a good clean and your fridge will love you for it... 

Vanilla Fresh is a versatile cleaner and a handy caravan and camping partner!

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is a fabulous addition to the caravan cleaning cupboard under the sink or in the meal prep or cleaning kit kept next to the tent. Used as an antibacterial cleaning aid on almost any hard surface every surface, it’s amazingly versatile and it will take away most odour causing bacteria, and it smells great!

Inside your caravan, McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is a must! You can use McLintocks Vanilla Fresh in camping fridge, caravan refrigerators, esky, caravan cabinets, benchtops, stovetops, food preparation areas, bbq areas and more. You can even use it in your food storage containers, keeping them clean, fresh and smelling great.

Your caravan will be left smelling clean and fresh with the mild vanilla scent Australia’s have come to know and love. Grab a bottle of McLintocks Vanilla Fresh from your supermarket cleaning aisle.

Clean your children's toys with Vanilla Fresh.

Toy's, Toy's and more Toy's during the festive season! Whoa, kids aren't the best at keeping their hands clean, or keeping things out of their mouths, which means their toys are a great place for bacteria to thrive. Give your children's toys a once-over and wipe with Vanilla Fresh to keep them clean, fresh and free from germs and harmful bacteria.

If you have a story that you would like to share about how you use McLintocks Vanilla Fresh, we'd love to hear from you. CLICK HERE to send in your information.

cleaning 45 minute quick fridge clean

1. Get ready for your clean

Grab a pair of rubber gloves, a fresh clean sponge, fill the kitchen sink with some warm water and just add a drop of detergent. 

2. Remove the contents of your refrigerator

Wipe each bottle or container that you are planning on putting back into your fridge. Check your dates and throw away anything that is past its used by date.

3. Remove the hardware

Take your shelves out and wipe both sides with Vanilla Fresh. 

4. Wipe inside and out

Wipe the inside of your fridge thoroughly with Vanilla Fresh. Then the outside. Taking care to wipe handles and dispensers.