Vanilla Fresh is great on your kitchen cabinets...

How are your kitchen cabinets looking?

27 May 2019

Clean your cabinets with peace of mind, McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is your Food Safe No.1 Anti-Bacterial kitchen companion.

Our kitchen cabinets house our dinner plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and platters. Our drawers keep our precious eating utensils. These items are kept in some order to an otherwise disorderly area that is used 3, 4, 5, 6 times and more each day. But how often do we consider how clean the inside of our kitchen cabinets and drawers really are? Removing germs and bacteria is a must in any kitchen. Keeping surfaces clean eliminates cross contamination and bacteria. 

With such heavy traffic, opening, closing, items being placed in, and taken out repeatedly, our cabinets are unfortunately an area in our kitchen where surface bacteria can not only live, but thrive. Not to mention dust, and the odour caused by residue that can be left on our crockery and eating utensils etc.

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh has you covered. With 99.9% of germs killed on contact, your kitchen cupboards, cabinets and drawers will not only be germ and bacteria free, they’ll smell great!

As your No.1 food safe alternative to traditional chemical based surface spray’s, you can rest easy knowing your kitchen cabinets can continue providing you and your family with clean tableware.

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cleaning Quick Tip

Give your kitchen cupboards, drawers and hard surfaces a quick wipe every couple of days with McLintocks Vanilla Fresh to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Clean the inside of your cupboards thoroughly once each month to avoid any build up of germs, odour causing bacteria and dust.

Use a damp clean sponge and move any table aware away from the area you need to clean prior to spraying with McLintocks Vanilla Fresh. Replace tableware and then wipe cupboard doors, surrounds and handles thoroughly.