How often should you clean your fridge?

You would be surprised at the amount of grime, food waste and spillage that collects in your fridge over time!

Cleaning the fridge is a bit of a chore, but it needs to be done regularly. Your fridge should be spotless, as it’s storing all that precious food, right? So, how often does it need to be cleaned? Experts recommend doing a thorough clean of your refrigerator every two to three months. Although, a good rule of thumb, is to be diligent and make sure if there are any spills that they are cleaned up promptly with McLintocks Vanilla Fresh, at the time of the spill. Most importantly, don’t forget to check for food that needs to be removed to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. 

Another great way to prevent cross contamination in your fridge is to make sure the outside of the fridge is kept clean by wiping and sanitising with Vanilla Fresh. Taking care to thoroughly spray and wipe fridge handles and dispenser controls. This removes bacteria left behind by the many hands that touch it daily. 

An easy way to remember when to do a thorough clean of your fridge is at the start of each new season. We recommend following these steps to get the best result:

  1. Remove everything from the fridge and put perishables in a cooler with some ice.

  2. Take the opportunity to look at all of your condiments and toss them if they're past the "use by" date.

  3. Remove all drawers and shelves. Spray them with Vanilla Fresh and wipe them thoroughly with a cloth.
    Leave them on a clean part of your bench.

  4. With the drawers out of the fridge, wipe down the inside, including the door panels and the top of the fridge.

  5. Return all the drawers and shelves to the fridge.

As Vanilla Fresh is food safe, it is perfectly suited for wiping out the fridge and removing all the residue left by spills while sanitising and deodorising the surfaces in your fridge.

Vanilla Fresh is antibacterial and kills 99.9% of household germs and is environmentally friendly, making it a versatile all purpose cleaner.

Last but not least we couldn’t possibly forget to mention the mild scent leaving your fridge and your kitchen smelling - 'Vanilla Fresh.'