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30 April 2019

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is your Food Safe No.1 Anti-Bacterial cleaning partner.

If hospitality is your thing, McLintocks have you covered. Gone are the days when all you had in your ‘options armory’ for keeping things clean and fresh was an enormous spray bottle full of chemicals to wipe down the surfaces in your restaurant or on your food prep areas.

Chemicals are nasty, they smell, some even sting the nostrils. And they leave a residue, which means once you have cleaned an area, you need to clean it down again. Not to mention what the chemicals can do to our hands and skin. Also, many of these chemicals are not suitable for use in and around food preparation areas. 

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is a great option for restaurants, cafes and food outlets. Service areas at the point-of-purchase, tables, chairs, kitchen food prep areas, door handles, door surrounds. Anywhere that has a hard surface where hands contact is an area where bacteria and germs live. McLintocks kills 99.9% of germs on contact, it’s food safe, which means you can use it around food areas without contaminating food, it cleans and deodorises surfaces leaving them clean, fresh and smelling great. 

If you run an establishment that deals in food and beverages, you know how important it is to keep everything sparkling clean, as the health and happiness of your patrons is No.1

Contact McLintocks today for more information about how you can purchase McLintocks Vanilla Fresh in commercial quantities for your restaurant, cafe or food outlet. Ph: +61 3 9474 3900

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cleaning Quick Tip

Clean your food prep area with peace of mind - 

Removing germs and bacteria is a must in a commercial kitchen. Keeping surfaces clean eliminates cross contamination. 

Between food prep, and meal prep, wipe down your area with a clean damp cloth and some soapy water, followed by a quick spray and wipe with McLintocks Vanilla Fresh. Now you're ready for the next order!