Winter is almost done here in Oz!

Spring is in the air...

29 August 2019

It’s been cold, wet, windy, sometimes even a little bit frosty. But winter is almost done here in Oz.

Spring is in the air! That means it’s time to get your Spring-cleaning plan into gear. No more procrastinating. Don’t dread the thought of cleaning your home. Make it fun, turn some tunes on and put some gym clothes on. Make your clean part of your fitness regime. You don’t need to do it all in one go. You can get your spring-cleaning done over a few days if necessary, your home will love you for it.

Make a List

Before you get started make a list of the things that you need and the things that you want to get done as part of your Spring-cleaning schedule. Look at laying out your list just one room at a time.

Your list could look something like this -

Cleaning fluids
Let's discuss cleaning fluids before we go any further. Now these are going to vary greatly from household-to-household. But let's face it, if you want to clean every room in your home thoroughly you’re going to need to put some good old fashioned elbow grease into it. You don’t really need to use nasty, harsh chemicals to clean your home, but we are going to need some cleaning fluids. McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is a must and is great for using on just about every hard surface around your home, as is your choice of dishwashing detergent. But if you have a lot of glass around the home, you’re going to need a decent glass cleaner, this is where cleaning vinegar or white vinegar can be very useful.

Cleaning essentials
Clean Sponges (3 to 4), Clean Cotton or Microfibre Cloths, Vacuum Cleaner, Soft flat mop (depending on your type of hard floors), Bucket, squeegee (for windows / glass), soft to medium nylon scrubbing brush and rubber gloves to protect the pinkies.

Rooms to clean

The rooms to clean in everyone’s house will vary greatly, but here’s a general list to follow and break down as you need to:

  • Kitchen -Floors, cabinets, fridge, bench top, microwave, oven
  • Bathroom - Floors, cabinets, toilet, basin, shower, bath.
  • Bedrooms - Floors, robes, windows, curtains, beds
  • Lounge / Dining - Floors, tables, couch and general furniture items
  • Laundry - Washing machine, dryer, floors, sinks, bench tops 

Let's get started

First thing’s first. Lets de-clutter. But just do it one room at a time. Don’t try to get through the entire house in one go. You’ll probably run out of steam halfway through.

Some important tips and tricks for you to remember during your clean.

Hard Floors
Use hot water with only a couple of drops of detergent and a capful of McLintocks Vanilla Fresh will make your home smell fresh and amazing. But don’t over saturate your floors with water if they are timber, you don’t want to soak the wood. If you have an engineered floating floor you may want to consult your manufacturers directions before cleaning.

Fridge / Microwave / Dishwasher / Cabinets / Benchtops
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh and a moist clean sponge will work wonders. But be careful on stone. Best to consult with your manufacturer for recommendations for cleaning stone.

Shower / Bath / Toilet
Warm soapy water with a capful of McLintocks Vanilla Fresh, a light scrub with your scrubbing brush and a wipe down with a sponge. You will want to clean your shower screens using your squeegee.

Carpets / Floors
You may want to consider steam cleaning or carpet shampoo as opposed to just vacuuming. This is worth doing periodically. Particularly if you have pets (don't forget your pet's beds) or a large family, as lots of traffic on your floors is going to create a lot of dirt, dust and bacteria.

General Furniture
Just a damp cloth (not a wet and dripping cloth) and a wipe down to remove dust and dirt.

Windows / Glass
50% warm water and 50% vinegar mixture. Take care not to get any on your carpets / floors as the vinegar could cause staining / discolouration. Clean your window frame tracks thoroughly too.

Skirting boards / Mouldings
A warm moist sponge and McLintocks Vanilla Fresh are a great pair.

McLintocks is great to use in just about every room in your home, on almost every hard surface. We don’t always recommend using McLintocks Vanilla Fresh on all stone benchtops or soft furnishings, so you’re best to check with the manufacturer to confirm where and what you’re using McLintocks Vanilla Fresh on first before use.

Now that you’re ready there’s just one more thing you need……., music baby! McLintocks Vanilla Fresh have made it easy. Find us on Spotify at McLintocks.Au

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cleaning Advice & Tips

First thing's first, turn the music up!

Quick check - gym gear on, shoes clean, hair sorted just in case of random visitors.

Essential items list -

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh
Dishwashing Detergent
White Vinegar
Clean Sponges
Clean Cotton or Microfibre Cloths 
Nylon scrubbing brush - soft/medium
Soft Flat mop
Microfibre mop attachments
Vacuum Cleaner

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is great for cleaning all around your home - 

Kitchen Cabinets
Cutting Boards
Kids Lunch Boxes
Baby High Chairs
Bench Tops (If your benchtop is stone we recommend you confirm suitability with the manufacturer)
Rubbish bins
Laundry Cabinets
Washing Machine
Hard Floor
Pet Beds