Weekend cleaning can be great exercise at home...

Weekend cleaning at home, who needs the gym?

July 30 2019

It’s Saturday morning 6:00am and the birds are chirping! It's time to shake it!

The condensation on the window indicates that it’s probably another freezing cold morning. It’s too late to make the 6:00am spin class at the gym, and way to cold for the boot camp class and flipping those car tyres in the car park. But wait….., why not get a quick comfortable workout at home, while you’re giving the house a winter freshen-up. It’s cleaning time! Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping and scrubbing are your exercise buddies today!

You don’t even have to put your runners on, or your gym gear. Infact..., don’t worry I’m not going to go there… shorts and a t-shirt will be just fine. Grab the essentials, mop, bucket, clean new sponge, microfibre or cotton cloth, detergent and, yes, you’re ahead of the game if you already have a bottle of McLintocks Vanilla Fresh sitting in the Kitchen cupboard. If not, just head down to your local supermarket and grab a bottle from your supermarket cleaning aisle.

McLintocks is great to use in just about every room in your home, on almost every hard surface. We don’t always recommend using McLintocks Vanilla Fresh on all stone benchtops or soft furnishings, so you’re best to check with the manufacturer to confirm where and what you’re using McLintocks Vanilla Fresh on first before use. Now that you’re ready there’s just one more thing you need……., music baby! McLintocks Vanilla Fresh have made it easy. Find us on Spotify at McLintocks.Au

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cleaning Quick Tip

First thing's first, turn the music up!
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is great for cleaning all around your home - 

Kitchen Cabinets
Cutting Boards
Kids Lunch Boxes
Baby High Chairs
Bench Tops (If your benchtop is stone we recommend you confirm suitability with the manufacturer)
Rubbish bins
Laundry Cabinets
Washing Machine
Hard Floor (Spot Cleaning)
Pet Beds