Summer is coming in hot and it's time for a well overdue Spring Clean

October 7th 2019


The dark days of winter are well and truly behind us. So it’s time to break out some of your trusted cleaning companions. I’m talking about your sponge, your bucket, your mop, your broom and yes, your vacuum. But wait, if you haven’t stocked up, dash down to your local supermarket and grab a bottle of McLintocks Vanilla Fresh and you’ll be set to sparkle! 

Now let’s just talk about the ‘benefits of cleaning’ for a minute, I’m not just talking about the end result of being in a clean home. There is a lot of information out there about the benefits of cleaning. Take the ‘Washing of dishes’ study to promote the state of mindfulness. Then there’s the study by the ‘British Journal of Sports Medicine’ proving that twenty minutes of activity was enough to decrease stress levels and depression, and a Scottish Health survey proved that the twenty minutes of activity didn’t have to be a workout! It's basic stuff really. Get moving, it's good for you. Cleaning can get your heart pumping though, so let's get started!

Cleaning is your anti-stress mechanism to get rid of those bad vibes. Just scrub those negative emotions away, cut the clutter and feel great at the same time!

We all know cleaning is not the most fun thing to do on any weekend, but surprisingly it is great for the heart, the soul and a positive frame of mind! It's true, who would have thought?

Also, having company is usually the best motivation to get you to clean. Teamwork, is the name of the game! Grab some of your best mates to join you, turn tasks into games. Use food rewards as bribery, or take turns helping each other out, at each others home. However, if your friends all make themselves unavailable, then, who cares! Get stuck into it. 

Have a little party in your living room, put some music on, bust some moves while making your home sparkle, you'll be done in no time! 

Now to set the mood, jump onto Spotify and follow the 'McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Spring Cleaning 2019' Spotify playlist. Now shake it!

cleaning Advice & Tips

First thing's first, turn the music up!

Quick check - activewear on, hair sorted just in case of random visitors.

Essential items list -

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh
Dishwashing Detergent
Clean Sponges
Clean Cotton or Microfibre Cloths 
Nylon scrubbing brush - soft/medium
Soft Flat mop
Microfibre mop attachments
Vacuum Cleaner

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is great for cleaning all around your home - 

Kitchen Cabinets
Cutting Boards
Kids Lunch Boxes
Baby High Chairs
Bench Tops (If your benchtop is stone we recommend you confirm suitability with the manufacturer)
Rubbish bins
Laundry Cabinets
Washing Machine
Hard Floor
Pet Beds