10 ways to use Vanilla Fresh in your kitchen...

Here are our top 10 ways for using Vanilla Fresh in your kitchen. We recommend you always do a spot test before using Vanilla Fresh on any surface, particularly bench tops and table tops.


  1. Benches and table tops: Wiping your bench top with Vanilla Fresh will clean, sanitise and deodorise without leaving a harmful chemical residue. 

  2. Refrigerator: Vanilla Fresh is ideal for the fridge. As a food safe, anti-bacterial spray, it is safe to use on all surfaces where food is prepared or stored. 

  3. Floors: Cleaning your tiled, vinyl or wooden floors with Vanilla Fresh not only cleans and sanitises it also works as a great substitute for air fresheners releasing  a fresh vanilla scent.  

  4. Rubbish Bins: Vanilla Fresh kills 99.9% of germs while eliminating odours making it ideal for rubbish bins and the area surrounding them. 

  5. Dishwashers: Once you have removed the empty dishwasher drawers, simply wipe inside and out of the dishwasher to sanitise and eliminate odours from food residue.

  6. Microwave: One of the most common appliances in modern kitchens, the microwave is a disaster zone for spills and food residue. Remove the turntable plate and wipe the inside with Vanilla Fresh which will clean, sanitise and deodorise. 

  7. Cabinets and pantries: Vanilla Fresh is a great choice for your food storage areas including cabinets and pantries. The food safe spray provides a safe surface without leaving harmful residue to give you peace of mind when cleaning around food. 

  8. Appliances: The outside of other smaller appliances in the kitchen including toasters, kettles, and toasted sandwich makers can all be wiped clean with Vanilla Fresh.

  9. Kids Lunch Boxes + Plastic Containers: Bring those plastic containers back, with a a quick wipe leaving a fresh smelling vanilla scent to eliminate old food odours. 
  10. Kids High Chairs: One quick wipe with a clean sponge will eliminate upto 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. And it smells great, without leaving an overpowers chemical odour.