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McLintocks. Our Story...

Starting out all the way back near the turn of the century in 1918. McLintocks was originally established as the brand that would supply consumers across Australia with essences. The most popular being Vanilla Essence.

Fast Forward to 1965 and McLintocks continued their tradition of supplying Australians with high quality supermarket products in the form of Jelly Crystals. 

With the company moving away from food related products, in 1988 the main focus was turned to a specifically developed product to aid in cleaning, deodorising and sanitising refrigerators and household surfaces. Vanilla Fresh was born.

The McLintocks mission and commitment to Australian consumers is:

'To develop and provide consumers in Australia with the highest standard of products'.


The McLintocks Story

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1918: The emergence of Mclintocks

McLintocks was first established in 1918 in Melbourne to produce cooking essences, the most popular being their vanilla extract.


1965: Mclintocks Jally Crystals trade mark

1965: McLintocks Jelly Crystals trade mark

On Wednesday, June 30, 1965, an Australian Trademark registration was filed for MCLINTOCKS by McLintocks Pty. Ltd. The imagery showed the packaging for the McLintocks Jelly Crystals 'Fast dissolving in Orange Flavour.'

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1988: Introducing Vanilla Fresh

1988: Vanilla Fresh is born

Recognising the need for quality, domestic cleaning and sanitising products, without any residual chemicals, the first cleaning product, Vanilla Fresh Fridge and Kitchen Wipe, is launched. A food safe cleaning and antibacterial spray. A unique cleaning product alternative to traditional chemical based multi-purpose cleaning sprays. Over 30 years later, it is still Australian made and remains a staple in Australian kitchens.

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2018: 100 years of Mclintocks

2018: McLintocks turns 100 years old

Reaching a milestone in McLintocks’ 100th year. We are still proudly Australian owned. Our flagship product 'McLintocks Vanilla Fresh' can be found on supermarket shelves across Australia. McLintocks Vanilla Fresh is now in it's 30th year of production. We’ve changed our look a little along the way, but we're still the same Vanilla Fresh food safe spray Australians have grown to know and love.

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