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Mclintocks - the story.

Back in 1918, near the turn of the century, McLintocks was founded with the purpose of supplying essences to consumers across Australia. Among these essences, Vanilla Essence proved to be the most popular.

Moving ahead to 1965, McLintocks carried on its legacy of providing Australians with top-notch supermarket products, this time in the form of Jelly Crystals.

With the business moving away from food-related products, in 1988 the main focus was turned to a specifically developed product to aid in cleaning, deodorising and sanitising refrigerators and household surfaces. Vanilla Fresh was born.

McLintocks is dedicated to fulfilling its mission and commitment to Australian consumers...

'develop and provide consumers in Australia with the highest standard of products'.

1918: The emergence of Mclintocks

McLintocks History 1918

Founded in Melbourne in 1918, McLintocks initially specialised in producing cooking essences, with their vanilla extract quickly becoming a customer favourite.

Mclintocks Jelly Crystals 1965

McLintocks Pty. Ltd. filed an Australian Trademark registration for MCLINTOCKS on Wednesday, June 30, 1965. The registration featured an image of the packaging for McLintocks Jelly Crystals, showcasing their fast-dissolving Orange Flavour crystals.

1965: McLintocks Jelly Crystals trade mark

1988: Vanilla Fresh is born

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh 1988

In response to the demand for high-quality, chemical-free domestic cleaning and sanitising products, McLintocks launched its first cleaning product - Vanilla Fresh Fridge and Kitchen Wipe. This unique cleaning alternative is a food-safe, anti-bacterial spray that doesn't leave any residual chemicals. Over 30 years have passed since its launch, and it remains an Australian-made household staple that offers a refreshing change from traditional chemical-based multi-purpose cleaning sprays.

Safe4U Vanilla Fresh
Mclintocks 100 Years of History

In 2018, McLintocks celebrated a significant milestone - reaching 100 years of operation as a proudly Australian-owned company. Our flagship product, McLintocks Vanilla Fresh, continues to be a popular choice for consumers and can be found on supermarket shelves nationwide. With over 30 years of production under its belt, Vanilla Fresh remains a trusted food safe spray that Australians have come to know and love. While we've updated our appearance over time, the product's quality and effectiveness remain unchanged.

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh 2018

2018: McLintocks turns 100 years old

2023 onwards: vanilla fresh continues to be a household favourite

McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Influencersg
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Influencers
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Influencers

We have been amazed by the loyalty of our customers and have taken the plunge into social media to build our Vanilla Fresh community. Join us on our social media platforms to stay updated and learn more about our brand and tips and tricks you need to know!

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