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McLintocks Vanilla Fresh
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Anti-bacterial
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Kills Germs
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Anti-bacterial
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh All Purpose
McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Deodorisers

Mclintocks Vanilla Fresh Fridge Wipe & Deodoriser 500ml

A versatile and food safe all-purpose cleaner that's perfect for most hard surfaces in your home, including your kitchen. Its anti-bacterial properties and vanilla scent make it a great choice for keeping your home clean and fresh.

Plus, it kills germs, leaving your surfaces sanitised and deodorised.

Available in Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets nationally.

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McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Kitchen

An antibacterial, food safe wipe for the kitchen that removes food spills and eliminates odours.

Below are the top steps for using Vanilla Fresh in all areas of the kitchen.​

  1. Clear surfaces.

  2. Spray surface from 15-20 cm away

  3. Wipe surface with a damp cloth or sponge

  4. Allow surface to dry

  5. Enjoy the lasting vanilla scent

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View the safety data sheet
Vanilla Fresh

Vanilla Fresh Safety Data Sheet
McLintocks Vanilla

Our customers have recently said...

I use it for everything, and always keep a minimum of 4 bottles on hand. Please don't ever discontinue it.

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