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Could Vanilla Fresh have other uses beyond the fridge & kitchen?

It’s time to better prepare for summer holidays and family festivities by using Vanilla Fresh to its full potential.

Our customers are genius and have put together a list of ways you can use Vanilla Fresh beyond the fridge and kitchen:

Appliances: High-touch surfaces like microwaves, the oven and of course, the fridge need to be cleaned often. A quick wipe with Vanilla Fresh will help remove bacteria from fingerprints and smudges, whilst leaving a refreshing vanilla scent.

Outdoor furniture: Hosting a summer outdoor BBQ for the family? If you have outdoor furniture made of plastic, metal or varnished wood, use a Vanilla Fresh to give them a good clean from dirt, dust and rain spots.

Floors, walls and baseboards: Vanilla Fresh is suitable for cleaning hard floors such as tiles, vinyl, and laminate. Or, as a spot-clean for walls and baseboards. Use a damp cloth to clean any stubborn stains.

Glass: Windows are one of the last surfaces to be regularly cleaned. Use Vanilla Fresh to prep your windows prior to using a window cleaner. It’s a great way to remove cobwebs, rain stains, and dirt, to get the most out of a full clean.

Furniture: Just like appliances, use Vanilla Fresh to wipe down varnished furniture, such as the dining room table, desks and shelves. It'll be sure to leave those areas smelling fresh and free from dust and bacteria.

Vanilla Fresh is a versatile, multipurpose cleaner you can use anywhere around the home. Make it your go-to this holiday season for all your surface cleaning needs. Available conveniently at your local Woolworths, Coles and Independent Supermarkets around Australia.

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