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Smarter Ways to Clean your Home

It’s important to make the most of the spring cleaning season. Getting motivated to clean your home can be hard, fortunately, we’ve got some great tips on smarter ways to clean your home.

1. The right tools for the job Cleaning is more time-efficient when you have the right tools and use the right techniques. Before getting started, check your cupboard for the essentials: Vanilla Fresh, microfiber towel, sponge, paper towel, spare bin liners etc.

2. Maximize efficiency with a checklist Just as you would with a shopping list, take a minute to write yourself a cleaning list. Start with listing the high-traffic areas to clean first, down to the spaces that are relatively self-managed.

3. Clean high to low Nothing is worse than grime and dust falling on the spaces you’ve just cleaned. Wipe the dust off the top of cupboards and shelves before using Vanilla Fresh to clean lower levels.

4. Be proactive Cleaning when things are beyond dirty can be time consuming. We recommend cleaning on a schedule, where proactiveness can save you a lot of time later on. It’s especially helpful with maintaining cleanliness of high-traffic areas.

Need some inspiration? Here's a glimpse into the lighthearted side of household cleaning with Nicole, a charismatic Australian mother who knows how to make tidying up an entertaining experience.

Instagram @mumma_to_glamma see post here.

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